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 sponsored by North Country Baptist Youth Ministries

             at Mt. Zion Retreat Center
                  Roaring Branch, PA 

                      January 25 - 27



2019 Winter Weekend
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Winter Weekend Flyer

Winter Weekend Med Form

Winter Weekend Registration Form
Recap of 2018 Winter Weekend


Our teen retreat will be held at Mt. Zion retreat center on JANUARY 25 27. The registration fee is $85 and should be turned in to your youth leader in advance.  You will also need to give your leader a completed Medical Form.  Please get one from your leader.   The forms are also available using the links above.  

          Our official starting time is 7 pm.  There is no evening meal on Friday.  Please do not arrive too early!  We need time to get things organized and provide proper supervision.  Each youth group will have assigned rooms, but there will not be enough beds.  Some will need to sleep on the floor.          

Bring: sleeping bags, pillows, towels, warm casual clothing, Bible and money for snacks. Please leave at home all MP3 players, electronic games, and energy drinks. The electronics have been a huge distraction and, if necessary, we will be collecting them and returning them at the end of the retreat. It has been shown that energy drinks can have adverse health effects, particularly in teens. The purpose of a retreat is to leave things behind so that we can get a new look at life. Cell phone service is limited. Phone #s Mount Zion are 570- 673-3338 or 570-673-5255

The retreat ends after lunch on Sunday (around 1 pm). Remember that there is limited parking so try to car pool as much as possible.

Please pray for our retreat. We expect that God will be using this time in a special way. Please ask your youth group and your church to pray that lives will be brought closer to God through Winter Weekend 2019.

Judy Husted, Coordinator