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North Country Baptist Youth Ministries is looking for your help in making sure that all those wishing to come to summer camp will be able to do so. With all the economic stresses, more and more families are asking for camp scholarships.

Over and over when we ask our Christian teens and young adults what helped them to decide to follow Jesus, they will tell about how important Christian camp has been to them.
“It is where God became real to me,” is a common answer.

Camp helps to build faith and to build strong Christ-centered relationships. These are both so important in today’s world with so many confusing messages.

With your help, we have a chance to make a real difference in a young life. We have always worked to have funds available so that no one is turned away due to financial reasons. This year our treasury is already feeling the strain.

If you are willing to help us get lives set on a good foundation, we would so greatly appreciate it! Any amount would be helpful!

Judy Husted,
Treasurer, North Country Baptist Youth Ministries

Checks may be made out to NCBYM and mailed to me
Judy Husted
RR2 Box 144
Ulster, PA 18850


Downloadable & Printable Version Of Judy's Letter

"Let's Pack The Camp Full Of Students This Year"

For more information, call Judy at 570-297-4257 or email her at